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Rev: Dani Deuli

DDS for the coming five years 2017-2022, we have the following strategic direction.

The strategic direction of the department is mainly to Strengthen the DDS for achieving capacity to empower communities economically coordination of development activities of diocese. With this we have objective to improve livelihood of diocese communities. To reach this objective we are in implementing the following activities:

  • Training on improved agriculture practices (Organic farming)
  • Training on value chain addition in agriculture produce
  • Training communities on issues of micro finance and VICOBA
  • Dialogue facilitation on use of available local resources
  • Training on climate change of adaptation strategies
  • Training on good governance and interfaith
  • Training on Water and sanitation
  • Establish farmer learning center at Magubike- Kilosa District whereby the Diocese has More than 200 acres. The area is along the tarmac road.

I believe that through implementing this activities livelihood of Communities will improve.

The second strategic direction is to Strengthen financial resources bases for department and diocese; with this we have objective to establish investment unit by 2021. This will help us to have capacity in empowering the communities.

We invite Partnership for development actors in the areas of:  improving agriculture practices, value chain addition in agriculture produce, climate change, and water and sanitation.