mission & vision1.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION

1. 1. Location


The Anglican Church of Tanzania, Diocese of Morogoro is located in the eastern part of Tanzania. The Diocese covers the administrative region of Morogoro and the Kilindi district of Tanga region. The total area covered by the Diocese is over 80,000 square kilometers. This area extends between latitudes 300 to 350 South of Equator and longitudes 50 to 80 east of Greenwich. The total population of the area covered by the Diocese of Morogoro is 1,904,023 in (2002) and projected population up to 2011 is 2,300,060; this includes the population of the Morogoro region and the Kilindi district in the Tanga region that make the administrative area of the Diocese of Morogoro.

1.2. Ecological  Features


There are three Agro-ecological zones, namely Highlands, Midlands and Lowlands. The arable land is a total of 6,037,700 acres, which is equivalent to 36% of the total available land and the main economic activity in Morogoro is agriculture and its allied activities. The major activities include small-scale farmers (food and cash crop-production in subsistence farming), cattle keeping (mainly beef cattle), plantations and estates (sisal, sugar).


             In the Highlands, maize is the staple food and is widely cultivated. Other food crops grown include bananas, beans, wheat, sorghum, sweet potatoes, finger millet etc. Cash crops are coffee, sunflower and a variety of vegetables. Different types of fruits are grown such as oranges, apples, passion fruit and many others. Beef and dairy cattle, goats and sheep are reared in this zone. In this zone there four old project villages which are Masenge, Njungwa, Uponela and Ikwamba and new ten proposed villages which are Chagongwe, Mkobwe and Lufikiri.


In the Midlands in some areas, both hybrid and local types of maize are grown as staple food. Beans and sweet potatoes are other foodstuffs grown, and sunflower and groundnuts are grown as cash crops. As in the highlands zone beef and dairy cattle, sheep, rabbits, pigs and goats are kept in this zone. In this zone there six old project villages which are Maguha, Kiegeya, Ndogomi, Leshata, Madege and Makuyu and new three proposed villages which are Nyangala, Mbili,  and Iyogwe


In the Lowlands a variety of crops are grown such as maize, cassava, finger millet, sorghum are the staple foods and sweet potatoes, paddy and bananas are other foodstuffs. Groundnuts, coconuts, sugarcane, and cotton are grown as cash crops. The important livestock that is found includes indigenous cattle, sheep, rabbits, pigs and goats. In this zone there four old project villages which are Zombo, Ulaya, Mhenda and Kisanga and new eight proposed villages which are Nyameni, Changarawe, Madudumizi, Ulaya Mbuyuni, Mkamba, Msolwa Ujamaa, Kidatu and Sanje

1.3. Diocesan Brief History


The Diocese of Morogoro is part of 27 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania.  Its history goes back to 1876 when the first CMS Missionaries established their first mission station at Mpwapwa. Later in 1879 they continued to advance through Mamboya, Berega and Morogoro.


By 1927 Morogoro was part of the newly inaugurated Diocese of Central Tanganyika, and on 30th Nov, 1965 Morogoro Diocese was inaugurated and the first Bishop the Rt. Rev. Gresford Chitemo was consecrated. The second Bishop the Rt. Rev. Dudley C. Mageni, who was consecrated on 30th Nov, 1987 retired on 30th November 2008. The third Bishop Godfrey Sehaba was consecrated on 30th November 2008. At the moment the Diocese has 104 Parishes in 23 deaneries with 130 Priests, 600 Congregations and 590 Evangelists. The Anglican Membership in the Diocese is more than 150,000.


The Head of the Diocese is the Diocesan Bishop who is assisted by the Vicar General, Diocesan Secretary, and Diocesan Treasurer in the head office and Heads of departments.

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