Core Values: The ACT Diocese of Morogoro (ACT DoM) values are founded on the Anglican Church faith on Jesus Christ social teachings and identity. The Values include:

        i.  Bible Teachings:

We are guided the Bible, the Word of God, and live by Christian    values at all times and in all circumstances.

 ii.Unity and Harmony:  

We are committed to unity of purpose and mind - we submit to each other and to God                                  

      iii   Equity:

We believe everyone deserves a dignified life, and fair access to justice and opportunities.

     iv.  Professionalism:

We strive for excellence in all we do, and achieve this by investing in innovation, creativity, reflection and perpetual improvement.                      

v.Integrity of creation:


In all our actions, we strive to protect the environment; we strive for an optimal balance between human and environmental wellbeing.