The Diocese extends her Mission work by using nine departments namely;

  1. MED (Mission and Evangelism Department),
  2. Christian Literature Department,
  3. Department of Development Services (DDS),
  4. Health Department Berega and Tunguli,
  5. Christian Education Department,
  6. Mothers Union Department,
  7. Youth Department (TAYO),
  8. CHUMO Department (Training),
  9. Technical department, and
  10. Berega Patmos Orphanage Centre



  • Strategic Components And Logical Framework Analysis Of Community Development Services
  • Critical Issues Strategic Components Community Development Services
  • Critical Issues Strategic Components Community Development Services: Department of development services


  1.  Training in holistic development/integral mission
  2.   Institutional regulations development and utilization
  3.   Organizational staff capacity building
  4.   Improvement of health facilities and services
  5.  Community economic empowerment
  6. Improvement of research and database survey 



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